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Non Flag Unit Selection Techniques


This controversial area was caused by the continuous forcing of members to fold harder and faster by there teammates, and is now considered cheating by certain members of the community.  What you think is upto you, im not here to help you with the moral consequences of your actions, im here to let you make your mind up by giving you the knowledge to do so.

What is hosts?

The hosts file at the most basic level is an address book of sorts, allowing you to route /redirect communications.  The file can be located at the following places on a windows operating system.


or on linux


It is commonly used to block ads companies by making the computer always search for the ads on its own hard drive, in turn blocking them.  See here for more info on doing that.

Adaptation of hosts :-)

The basic syntax is as follows.

<Server 1>    <Server 2>

Where <server 1> represents the server you are trrying to get information from and <server 2> represents the server you really want information from.

For exapmle say i want dimer workunits all the time and nothing else i would go here and find out what server was giving out dimers.  I would then redirect all the work servers found here to the server i wanted.  So that no matter what i was assigned, i would always get dimers.

Warning: The Assignment servers must not be included in the list or you wont be able to get any more workunits.

eg for dimers

...and so forth

And that concludes the lesson.

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