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Running Under Windows

Simple Method

Create a shortcut to your FAH4 executable in the startup directory for all users:
c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\programs\startup on  
Use the flags you have chosen that will be best for your philosophy, and as long as nothing spectacular happens, the program will start when u logon and die when u log off.

This method i should mention isnt ideal, because if the client crashes it will not restart automatically.

Fire and Forget Method - NT Only (Like you'd actually be using 9x/ME)

Install a program called Firedaemon, which can be found here, while logged in as administrator (it needs to be able to setup services, and only a root user can do that ie administrator).

Now create a new service in Firedaemon. 

Firedaemon Main Menu

Now fill in the forms just as i have done with your own details and preferences.

Firedaemon Service Window 1

Do the same on the settings tab, but use my settings (unless your happy playing around).

Firedaemon Service Settings Tab

And finally the Advanced tab, fill it in using the same settings except if you are using this machine as anything more than a dedicated folding box, then change the priority to "Below Normal".

Firdeamon Service Advanced Tab

Now save your service definition, somewhere in case you need to install it after upgrading firedaemon, or after a bad crash.

Firedaemon Service Save Definition

Now finally click the "Install" button to startup folding as a service.

NT MACHINES - Remember

To change the security permissions for the directory you installed to, to "Everyone" or give all users full security permissions (full control).  Then do the same for the following registry entry using regedt32 "HKLM>Software>PandeGroup.

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