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Tweaking Using Flags

Possible Flags to use with FAH4

= Forces the use of SSE instructions which equals 2x or 3x faster completion of workunits.

-forceasm (old style SSE force command on 3.25 client)
= Forces AMD cpus to use 3dnow (FAH4) and P4's to use SSE.  Dont use on AMD's if you can help it, SSE is faster.

= Forces your computer to process semi beta workunits.  Use this flag to get decent high point workunits.

= Forces the client to process beta workunits.  It can cause a lot of problems, since your testing beta workunits, but the points are usually higher on these workunits.  If you need help you need to get an account at the community forum, and go to this thread and put your name down asking to be added to the beta testers.

-send all
= Attempts to send any queued workunits. Useful occasionally to try and force results back to busy servers.

=  Must be used on windows clients fielded on multi cpu or hyperthreaded cpus, to stop each process from clashing with the other.

= Use in conjunction with firedaemon to stop the client from shutting down, when you log out of windows.

= Shows what workunits are queued and what is currently being processed.

A typical folder aiming at speed will use the following flags.

-forceSSE -advmethods -local

and if run as a service.

-forceSSE -advmethods -local -service

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